Thursday, 6 January 2011

phew,..I think

Quick update: as I suspected our Down's Syndrome risk factor came back 'high' at 1:110. Not devastatingly high by any means so that was a relief. I was still leaning away from an amnio, but Adriano was starting to think it might be a good idea after all, to avoid 6 months of worry, or to get our heads around it a bit if the result was positive.

I consider us to be amazingly lucky because suddenly after that things seemed to fall into place to set our minds at ease. I had heard of the Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street through a fertility support group on t'internet. I contacted them and they were able to do a repeat scan/blood test that very afternoon due to a cancelled booking. I dragged myself into Central London (strange feeling as I've barely been out of the house for 6 weeks) and met Adriano there. We stumped up the £180 fee and felt so glad that we were able to produce that without too much heartache in spite of regularly feeling rather skint. Instead of waiting a week for the blood test results we waited about an hour. During that hour we had another, more detailed scan with incredible technology. Three extra things were looked at in addition to the NHS list. All came up as normal, and the bloodwork must have been pretty good too, because suddenly our risk fell to 1 in 2737. Wow.

The nuchal fold measurement had grown to 3mm, but then the baby had also grown quite a bit in the last 6 days too. However they don't like it to be above 2.5mm, so they reminded us that the elevated measurement could still point to heart problems and/or chromosomal abnormalities. So they recommended that the 20 week scan be with a cardiologist present. I don't know what we'll do about that, but we have a few weeks to decide. But at any rate we don't feel the need for an amnio any more, which I am glad about.

So we are much relieved. And even before they gave us the lower risk, I felt so much more bonded with this baby because the scan technology was so amazing and we got such a good long look at this little one. At one point he/she took a few big gulps of the amniotic fluid and then did a big hiccup, it was so sweet and lovely.

I am still very sick but hoping it can't be more than 3 more weeks.

They did tell us a 70% chance 'guess' which gender the baby will be, but I'll keep that to myself for now :):):)

By the way I am not all all knocking the NHS for not having as good technology, I think they're brilliant on the whole, and we are very lucky to have them.

When we got home we were quite excited and said to Little G 'Would you like a baby to come and live with us in the summer?' to which she immediately replied 'No I don't want a baby to come live with us in summer.' Ha ha ha. Too late now! (I hope) Not too worried as she also says she doesn't like pizza any more and then eats the lot.

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