Saturday, 2 February 2013

Almost 3 months ago: stapedectomy

It's been so nice showering without the cotton wool and vaseline in/on my ear!  Small pleasures...

My hearing is just odd.  But louder.  I no longer think about the distortion; either I'm used to it now or it has lessened a lot, or both. 

I just played the piano for 20 mins and didn't think about it at all. 

When my loud voiced almost-4 year old proclaims her wisdom right next to my ear at full volume it feels as though my eardrum is buzzing and is quite horrible, but hey, at least it's louder.

Sometimes after I've been lying down a while I can sort of hear it inside my head on that side when I swallow (very difficult to describe) but it's not horrible, just slightly odd.

So there you go.  I'm guessing that most of my healing is done.  On balance I reckon it was worth it, but the recovery has been worrying and the risks scary in spite of the low statistics of things going wrong.  I would have to be profoundly deaf rather than moderately deaf to accept surgery in the other ear. 

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Finally some positive news on the house: we have exchanged contracts.  We're moving on 18th February.  Somewhere in there we have a 4 year old's birthday party to fit in.  I'm feeling every emotion under the sun about the move.  We have to move as we can't afford to live where we are, even if I go back to work.  Funk knows how everyone else manages it.  So in that way I just want to move and get on with it.  It's been a long time coming, with many a tear shed in frustration and confusion.  But we have been here for pretty much a decade, and since I have had children I have made so many friends.  I'm sure I will make friends again in time but to leave all of these lovely people in one fell swoop is daunting at the least.  Also I am desperate to make it OK for G, who also has to leave all of her friends and virtually everything she knows, without the grownups' feeling that ultimately it is all for the best.  C will probably be a bit confused at first but I'm sure she will very quickly forget our current life and do that thing young children do so well of truly living in the present.  Adriano will have a new (slightly longer) journey to work...but for now his work will stay the same: probably a good thing for him at first. 

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