Thursday, 26 May 2011

33(+1) weeks

I finished my last day of teaching today; my first official day of maternity leave is June 8th.

I am so tired. Contributary factors are: insomnia; G waking from bad dreams; the bump kicking (reassuring and lovely but makes it hard to sleep); the baby bouncing on my bladder so I go to the loo around 3 times during the night; being a light sleeper so being woken by Adriano coming into the room/getting into bed/arranging his iPod to his liking/turning over/breathing; thinking about living by the sea; thinking about not being able to live by the sea; thinking about what it will be like to be tireder than this when the baby arrives; wondering how the birth will be; worrying that I will end up with a c-section; worrying that I will not end up with a c-section; worrying that my fandango* will be torn to pieces by forceps/ventouse/the baby's head and shoulders; worrying about going back to work; worrying about not going back to work; worrying about money.

Gosh, suddenly I can see why I can't sleep!

Got another mouth ulcer and my cough is hanging on and on and on. Pulled intercostal muscle has got worse again over last couple of days and now hurts when I breathe in fully once again.

BUT the baby seems to be fine, Adriano and I are feeling close in spite of house and money worries, and Little G continues to be adorable for pretty much all her waking moments. You can't say fairer than that.

Photo taken about 3 weeks ago.

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