Thursday, 17 March 2011

23+1 weeks

Where does the time go? I am a bit too tired to write this really (hang on, that's what I said in the last post) but I can't let another week go by without a post. Actually I can because the very few people who read this blog are either my husband (hello!) or friends who contact me more via Facebook.
But there are so many memories on here I can't abandon it altogether.
OK time for a rambling post.

Adriano is putting in huge effort to get us out of London. He is back on the applying-for-jobs malarkey and his motivation is second to none. Somehow he finds moments to be an amazing dad and a tender husband too, it's impressive and I'm so grateful for him in my life.

I took Little G to Hastings where my parents live. We went on the train last weekend. It was the first time I have attempted the 3.5 hour journey since she has (mostly) given up her daytime nap. It went better than expected but I have a hunch I will never do it again which feels sad. I say I will never do it again because in the future I will be too big and heavy to cope with a toddler on the train for that length of time and after that I will have two small children and nowhere for one of them to sleep when we get there. My mum is great at jumping on the train to see me - she valiantly stays the night once a week to provide childcare while I'm at work - but the rest of the family just never visit me, so it's down to me. Well my sister visited me three times in 6 or 7 years, but does that really count? I love them dearly but the train journeys are expensive and I am still the highest earner in my family due to retirement/sickness/lack of self esteem (it's complicated, I'll leave it at that...)

The bump is growing, now 3 sonographers have said it's a girl so I'll be shocked if not. The cardiac scan went fine. There are always disclaimers - 'the baby could still have Downs' or whatever, but at least they didn't see any of the dodgy stuff they were looking out for. I am now feeling much more movement which to me is the nicest part of pregnancy. It's so reassuring, if alien-like, and I love to think of the baby getting bigger in there. It's hard to imagine but I keep trying. I am exhausted, still a raving insomniac, and very worried about getting bigger and tireder and slower. Little G takes a fair bit of entertaining and it wears me out! For example we'll have been home for 5 minutes after our 2nd trip out of the day, and she'll appear with hat/scarf/gloves/bag freshly donned, saying "Shall we go out now, Mummy?". Luckily I can normally distract her with a Peppa Pig DVD or a visit to the back garden. But she is watching hours and hours of TV most days and it is cold in the garden!

However, she is adorable (apart from a couple of real tantrums) and comes out with absolute classic comments just about every day. She is very good with her speech but occasionally she gets it slightly wrong in a very cute way, e.g. cubumber, swimming gobbles, sheepses, stippy tape.

Some things she's said recently:
'Right I'm off to work now'
'Sorry, I need to go and have my hair cut'
'Nice to see you Mummy'
'Clapham Junction, London Waterloo!'
'Silly cow' (perfectly innocently - just putting two familiar words together)
'I'm too big to go to playgroup'
'Mummy, would you like to play with my toys?'
'Shall we draw Daddy? Shall we draw him a snack?'

I did not buy her the plastic doll below nor the pink pink pink accessories but it has to be said, she is fairly keen on them.

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