Monday, 26 October 2009

Frustration at Fabulous Funky Wedding

I want to give proper time to this post but am chasing my tail with errands today.

Went to Pete and Emma's wonderful wedding at the weekend in Totnes. Crazily we left the house at 4am so that most of the drive LittleG would still be asleep. She was soooo excited and happy when I got her out of her cot at that time of night! She was awake for about an hour with the intrigue of it all and then fell asleep for 2 hours: perfect. It was so cute to stop at the services for breakfast with G still in her sleepsuit and sleeping bag. Awww.

The hotel was lovely, I recommend it. I enjoyed Totnes - have been before but ages ago. But my god I was SHATTERED because although on the whole G is sleeping much better, she had a cold and teething which caused her to wake up 3 or 4 times before the 4am excitement, and I barely slept in the car (Adriano will insist otherwise). Adriano was v tired too after the short night and all that driving. I am still learning to drive so couldn't share that with him.

I loved the ceremony, Emma looked gorgeous in her halterneck green dress with to-die-for shoes (wish I had taken a pic) and funky pink short hair (a true offbeat bride). Loved Pete's waistcoat and tie colour combo and frock coat thingy. LittleG growled, yes growled, with gusto at an important point in the proceedings but luckily only those around us noticed.

LittleG completely skipped her second nap of the day as everything around was so exciting. My back ached from carrying her around and my head spun from so little sleep and from concentrating on keeping the plates spinning with regard to her needs. But it was gorgeous to be there, and to chat to people I'd met on Emma's hen day, and meet family members I'd heard about...

On the tables at the meal there was a great little booklet whose pages represented Emma and Pete in various ways: colouring in pages, poems, music compositions, photos,... loved the idea.

I was gutted that by the time the ukelele band (yes! I told you it was a cool wedding) came along, I just couldn't find my mojo and I just popped in to have a look before slinking back to our room.

In the old days (I won't say 'good old days' because life has never been better than now) I would have taken a ton of photos and been really proud of them, but sadly my efforts this time were a bit distracted (and LittleG-centred) to say the least.

Got to go, G has just ripped half a page out of Adriano's book 'Manhood' by Steve Biddulph. Oops, sorry Adriano.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Nangnangnangnang G's favourite sound at the moment. Usually expressing displeasure, it can mean 'get me out of this cot right now' or 'feed me that stuff faster' or 'I'm bored' or 'why can I only crawl backwards' or 'I don't want to stay on my back while you change my nappy'.

She's now changed her wave to the more delicate hand-opening-and-closing variety, rather than the whole arm shake. Sometimes with one hand, sometimes with two, and sometimes with an arm stretched out towards you. She did it to a lady we were standing next to at a pedestrian crossing the other day, who offered her finger, which G grasped and they shared a smile. The lady said it made her day.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Little G has two white lines on her lower gum where teeth are trying to come through.
No wonder she's cranky.

Although she totally won the hearts of the two grandmas I sat next to when we were out today. She giggled with them and flapped her arms and squealed excitedly.

I am quite a baby bore these days, I know it.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Little G now copies waving. It's gorgeous. She even waved at Iggle Piggle earlier today.

Adriano and I went to the local deli for lunch, and G was cuddled by both the ladies in there for ages. She didn't mind at all.

She's taken a liking to a largish Winnie the Pooh toy given to her by a colleague at my work. She grabs his nose and eats it.

She can slide backwards but still not crawl, much to her frustration. She now goes up onto all fours sometimes though so we'll get there.

She likes it when you hold her so she can practise standing. She goes after my handbag and its contents whenever possible. If you say 'bang bang bang' she will often tap whatever toy is in her hand or in front of her, and she likes a good game of Peekaboo.

She doesn't laugh as much as the other babies her age for some reason, but we're in no doubt about her sense of humour and her understanding, as she smiles a lot, and wrinkles up her nose as well if something's especially fun. She has one dimple on her left cheek when she smiles hard.

She enjoys bathtime and likes to pull out the plug herself. She doesn't cry when I pour water over her head to rinse her hair, although she sometimes gasps and flaps her arms in surprise. It's much easier since she can sit up well.

She eats almost anything with gusto. At the moment she's on 3 bottles a day and one breastfeed, plus 3 meals a day. Soon I'll be reducing her formula intake a bit but not too much just yet. When her meals are finished we make the baby-sign for 'finished' which usually makes her smile sweetly.

I've had a cold, cough, sore throat, and painful ear for two weeks now. I hope it's on its way out.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Minty Moo

Recently I bought Little G a cream and green stripy cow from Habitat, which says 'Moooo, moooo, moooo' when you squeeze it/her.

I've just noticed that when we get it to make the moo sound, G copies it!

I feel so proud :D

Friday, 9 October 2009


Little G has been saying 'dadadadadgagagagagagdadadada' a lot in the past few days. She goes through phases of it.
She sits up so strong, and gets frustrated at not being able to crawl but hasn't got the hang of getting up on to her knees. She increasingly likes to stand (with lots of help) and looks so proud when she does it.
She likes to bang things together and seems to know what we mean when we say 'bang bang bang' to encourage her to do it.
She is fascinated by our mobile phones, especially Adriano's as it's shiny and silver. She looks at it for a while before stuffing it in her mouth.


We are coping with a family bereavement over here. Please send your love especially to A's family at the moment to help them through.

I feel privileged to have been so close as this passing of a beautiful but too short life was witnessed.

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