Thursday, 24 January 2008


My mum has been poorly since Saturday, though she's well on the mend now.
She collapsed with sudden extreme dizziness and pins and needles in her limbs while at the supermarket with my sister. She ended up being sick for days with what for her was an atypical migraine. She suffers from them a lot but not usually to the extent that she is in hospital for 3 nights. I'm happy to say that although a bit wobbly, so far she's recovering well. The jury's still out on why it happened. I hope that's the last.

In other news, Adriano and I have a new bed. Apparently there's a saying: 'new bed, new baby'. Oh my, if that could be true. Although I can't find it on g**gle so maybe it's just a dream I had.

Skool continues its onslaught on my sanity and stress levels. I burst into tears part way through the first week of the new term, because that's the cool kind of cookie I am. When the going gets tough, I can be relied upon to cry embarrassingly regularly in front of my peers (thankfully not in front of my rather small students). I've grown back my required extra skins now; I must have lost them over the Christmas holidays.

I have now bought my wedding dress, if anyone out there gives a toss. I'm not sure I would.
I've also bought my wedding shoes, for £20 in a sale, I'll have you know. Billy Bargain. Both dress and shoes are marvellous and when I tried them on together I grinned like the egotistical eejit I am.

I am still participating in WoYoPracMo and loving it. True, I usually only manage the minimum requirement of 10 minutes a day, but it feels good.

Photo: Adriano serenading his nephew. Check out those blue eyes.


Cheerful One said...

I'm a crier, too. I operate on the principle that it's better out than in, but it is embarrassing on occasion.

Glad your mum is better.

nikoline said...

Thorough update! Glad your mom is feeling better. Congrats on wedding dress (yay!) and shoes....and new bed. New beds are always good, I think.

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