Friday, 27 June 2008

I've never known a month like it.

This has been the most emotional month Adriano and I have experienced for quite some time.

A's mum J is now convalescing at home, and spending lots of time with family and friends. She is sounding so much better since her surgery a few weeks ago. The doctors can't find the primary problem which they feel sure is there, so we are hoping that's because it's still small. She is eating lots of organic food, taking a kick-ass supplement in her daily cocktail of pills, and watching comedy DVDs to get a daily dose of laughter too :o)
We're going to visit her tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that.

We think our wedding will go ahead as planned, but we may reconsider depending on the start of J's treatment.

Today I have an 'occasional day' which means no school for teachers or kids - I'm not sure who's the most pleased! We get one a year, and today is it. Adriano is around too so we've been mooching round the house. He's been cleaning the windows, I've been washing up and washing clothes and doing wedding-y bits and watching TV to see if the rain has passed over Wimbledon yet and also kipping here and there.

We've decided to stay in our current house for another year, as we are just an hour away from Adriano's parents. Plus he has now got a job in Central London which he's really looking forward to. The company he will work for are non-profit, and they are the most caring bunch of people I have ever heard of. What a breath of fresh air after working for an unappreciative media company.
I will hopefully get some work with my current school for the next academic year. It's not really sorted out yet, so I hope it's enough for us to get by. We could do with a few things falling into place right now.

My laparoscopy has not happened yet - I got conflicting advice from different doctors as to whether an operation during my period was advisable, and the farce continued from there. More on that another time perhaps.

Good grief, is that the time?

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nikoline said...

Sounds like a full month. Email address still the same, although I'll also email you with another one that I check more often. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Sending good thoughts. Always. Always.

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