Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Motherhood so far

Just a quick post I suspect, as I've caught a rare moment when G is asleep, and I don't need food urgently, and the computer is already switched on.

It's all going ok over here. We've had issues with jaundice, fast heart rate, suspected bladder infection (hers not mine - and there wasn't one, but getting a urine sample from her was an interesting experience!), not to mention fighting off mastitis (I'm still fighting, haven't needed antibiotics yet), and the inevitable sleep deprivation, BUT the up side of the 'being a mother' malarkey really does make it all worth it. I've been weed on and puked on and I still love her! To the moon and back...

I am TRYING to love the jelly belly I have acquired, but nearly 4 weeks in, it's not easy. It's gone down a lot from just after the C-section operation, but it's still big and wobbly and crikey those stretch marks - there must be about 250 of them. And it's disheartening to meet up with the girls who had their babies after me, via the usual exit route, and are already back in their pre-pregnancy jeans. I have been very lucky to have had a flat-as-a-pancake stomach for 35 years, and it was a part of my identity that has now gone. Hopefully not gone for good though. I will get back in shape! I will.

But I'd happily swap a flat stomach for this little girl any day.

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kristen said...

oh how i get this! i had a flat tummy/trim body and the after-baby and c-section reality took getting used to, especially when i was tired and started comparing myself to my friends who had babies at the same time, oy!

you sound like you're doing good.

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