Sunday, 3 May 2009

I know that this blog has turned into a nothing-but-baby blog, but I can't help it.  Every minute of my day and night I'm with this little girl.  My job is to look after her needs and it takes up all of my energy and brain cells.  I feel even more bonded to her than I did when she was first born.  My heart is full to the brim these days.  It is hard, and there are still plenty of tears and rows in our house at times (especially due to the tiredness), but it always comes back to an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, for both me and Adriano, I think.  I know that I wouldn't feel this grateful if I hadn't struggled so much with wanting a baby and not knowing if I would ever be able to be a mum.  I'm still amazed that she came to us in time.  Adriano kept the faith on that one; I didn't.  I didn't think it would happen for us.  It did.  

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