Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Some things that have made me happy recently

Adriano saying that I am 'calm and patient and strong' after a gruelling get-littleG-to-sleep-for-the-night session.

My father-in-law saying I was 'born to be a mum' when we visited last Sunday.

All the flowers in our garden and beyond.

Lovely weather for days without a break.  

Washing flapping about on the line.

LittleG's face-splitting smiles when I sing to her.

Breastfeeding is still going OK and there have been fewer bouts of threatening mastitis.

Seeing new friends' babies grow bigger and begin to smile and wriggle and look alert and interested.

Adriano buying me Sarah Waters' new book (am finding it v scary!).

Watching littleG's reaction when Adriano plays guitar and sings to her.

The weather being warm enough for littleG to just wear vests with cute little skirts.

The dimples in littleG's elbows. And chin.  And cheeks.  

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