Monday, 12 October 2009


Little G now copies waving. It's gorgeous. She even waved at Iggle Piggle earlier today.

Adriano and I went to the local deli for lunch, and G was cuddled by both the ladies in there for ages. She didn't mind at all.

She's taken a liking to a largish Winnie the Pooh toy given to her by a colleague at my work. She grabs his nose and eats it.

She can slide backwards but still not crawl, much to her frustration. She now goes up onto all fours sometimes though so we'll get there.

She likes it when you hold her so she can practise standing. She goes after my handbag and its contents whenever possible. If you say 'bang bang bang' she will often tap whatever toy is in her hand or in front of her, and she likes a good game of Peekaboo.

She doesn't laugh as much as the other babies her age for some reason, but we're in no doubt about her sense of humour and her understanding, as she smiles a lot, and wrinkles up her nose as well if something's especially fun. She has one dimple on her left cheek when she smiles hard.

She enjoys bathtime and likes to pull out the plug herself. She doesn't cry when I pour water over her head to rinse her hair, although she sometimes gasps and flaps her arms in surprise. It's much easier since she can sit up well.

She eats almost anything with gusto. At the moment she's on 3 bottles a day and one breastfeed, plus 3 meals a day. Soon I'll be reducing her formula intake a bit but not too much just yet. When her meals are finished we make the baby-sign for 'finished' which usually makes her smile sweetly.

I've had a cold, cough, sore throat, and painful ear for two weeks now. I hope it's on its way out.

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