Monday, 8 February 2010

leafy latte

Yesterday I put G down for her nap (she only has one now *sob*) and left her in Adriano's tender care while I went into town for some much needed me-time. Just about the first thing I did was buy myself a latte. Usually I can't carry one and push the pushchair at the same time so I just don't have one. Cheaper, but oh how I miss them especially when the weather's cold. There's something special about a hot drink in my hands when I'm outside. It doesn't have the same 'treat' factor to me when I'm drinking it indoors.

Right got to go and buy fruit, lunches for my work days, and some crackers to keep by my side of the bed for the waking-in-the-wee hours.

So happy that one of my NCT friends is about this afternoon; I had been feeling a bit lonely as Adriano was so busy at the weekend (and not even having fun, he was at work and at a volunteering shift and doing a job application form - he's been working so hard).

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