Wednesday, 18 August 2010

August update

Feeling a bit low today. Isolated, bored, emotional, uninspired, inadequate, frustrated.
Somewhere in there I'm also happy and grateful too.

Little G is going to be 18 months old in a week's time. I am biased of course, but her vocabulary astounds me every day. She has started to put 2 or 3 words together, e.g. 'mummy's tea' or 'flags up there'. It's very exciting to see her develop at all, let alone so fast. Sometimes we go to the corner shop, walking together without the pushchair. She holds my hand and walks purposefully up the road with me, pointing at things she sees - 'red car', 'wi(n)dow', 'flower', 'bin', 'door', 'cat'. Occasionally she'll stop and examine something more closely. When we get to the shop, the owner always says hello very enthusiastically, and when prompted she replies 'he-yo', and waves and maybe smiles.

I take her to a rather rowdy local playgroup (I suppose they all are). She holds her own with the shouters and roarers and pushers, all of whom are older and taller than her. I am so proud. She struts off confidently to explore the table of plastic dinosaurs, the table of puzzles, the table of trains, the toy kitchen, the book corner. Every now and then she'll look round for me and maybe bring me something to look at - a plastic tomato, or a baby doll, or a picture book.

I'm in love.

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