Saturday, 2 March 2013

We did it. We moved house.

We moved house, to our first home that we 'own'.  Well, as much as anyone with a 25-year mortgage owns their house. 

So far it's going pretty well. 

Here's an example list which rolls around my head constantly, being added to often in the small hours unfortunately:

  • Become easier to live with
  • Somehow connect more with Adriano
  • Get more sleep
  • Actually sleep a night in our double bed rather than between my children
  • Wash hair/dye hair/epilate/cut nails
  • Email again re G's reception class place
  • Look up buses to [insert name of nearby place]
  • Get rid of hideous ceiling fans
  • Change angle of lights in lounge area
  • Get another small sofa so that more than one of us can sit down.  Not too high so it doesn't block the room or any light, not too low so you can actually sit back and relax on it
  • Buy more milk/bread/cheese/whatever
  • Put nametapes on G's stuff for preschool
  • Go in garden, make new list of stuff to be done before it is deemed safe for the girls
  • Register at dentist (have done docs now, phew)
  • Buy more wine
  • Try out top oven
  • Fix doorbell
  • Choose, buy, attach house number
  • Ask neighbours why our rubbish is not being collected
 etc etc

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