Friday, 19 April 2013


Top: Rochester Cathedral and Castle
Bottom: Toilet window in Rochester Cathedral Tea Rooms

Well the news around here is that I seem to have developed Impaired Glucose Tolerance, without any of the risk factors present: no family history, not overweight, not sedentary, not got high cholestorol, no gestational diabetes in my pregnancies, not over 45, etc. Then I blamed my comsumption of sugar (shut up) but apparently it's a myth that it causes IGT or diabetes. So for now I'm blaming my slightly faulty pancreas. And please no one bring me cake or biscuits or chocolate ever again!! 

I am on Day 2 of eating no sugar and I have had headaches and heart palpitations and general weird feelings but I am fine and determined.  I am a bit mournful though as I truly love chocolate.  I will allow myself to have some sometimes but it'll have to be just a bite for the taste.  I think I can do this.  I have wanted to for ages but even trying to imagine my gravestone (dead before my time) didn't stop me.  There's nothing like a kind but firm doctor telling you in the flesh that you need to cut down or you will develop diabetes in 10 or so years.   

Thank the lord for tea and coffee, that's what I say.  

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