Friday, 5 October 2007

Another week rolls by

My first week without any tears! In school, that is. I think a few may have been shed at home. But only a few.
That's not to say I'm liking it any better, unfortunately. I'm missing teaching music; I'm not doing nearly enough of that. I'm thinking of starting a lunchtime singing group but I'm not sure I've got the energy for that yet! Besides I sometimes need lunchtimes to discuss what I'll be teaching during the afternoon.

The class I had this morning were doing regular verb endings, in particular adding '-ed' to certain words. We did lots of examples on the board, then they did some worksheets, then afterwards I asked them to make up some sentences using the words they had learnt today. Having not really marked written work before, my marking tends to be rather laboured and haphazard, and you're not supposed to correct words unless they are in their 'already covered' list, apparently. But even bearing those things in mind, number 8 totally stumped me:

I locked myself in the cupboard. I hated my homework. I loved my mum. I shouted out 'bogies'. I killed my sister. I ran away from my house. I shut my mouth. I farted at a bumblebee and it died.

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Anonymous said...

that is so hilarious!! we need originiality like that in academia! if only I could get to read something like that in my job... hang in there Lucy, the sticker says it all! :)
Kirsty x

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