Sunday, 26 July 2009

Stream of consciousness

I am a zombie. I have nothing interesting to say. G is now 5 months old. She continues to love her daily mush, and now takes a bottle of formula a day too. From tomorrow it'll be 2 bottles, and it feels sad but necessary. I'm glad she's taking it without fuss because it stops me from being so melodramatic about it. Adriano is cooking us fish and chips and peas for dinner. We are both shattered: him from a stag do, me from a night of looking after G on my own. It was such a help to have him around for the bedtime stuff tonight. I sometimes 'over supervise' him (his words and I know they're true) so I'm trying to back off! I don't want to do that. I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes. We've had G in our room these past months, and we're now planning the move from her crib to a cot, and on her own. At the moment you have to go through our spare room to reach the bathroom so she can't sleep in there because we'll wake her every time we get ready for bed etc. So we're probably going to leave her in our current bedroom by herself and move our bed into the spare room. But it's smaller so we can only fit the bed in there and nothing else. So instead of sleeping with us, G will be sleeping with all the stuff that is currently in the spare room. Ugh.

Dinner's ready, got to go.

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