Friday, 5 March 2010

Frank and Honest

I'm feeling a bit lonely today. Just a little bit.
Went to a new toddler group this morning, as G has grown out of her old one really.
The new one stank badly of B.O. and no one could sing in tune and there seemed to be pairs of people speaking different languages so unless you could speak Arabic/Hindi/Ukrainian you couldn't really join in. Luckily I bumped into a girl who's friends with a neighbour of mine, and she spoke with me a fair bit.
G was tired and ignored me a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a provider, and Daddy is for fun. This is not helped by the fact that she says 'Dadada' all day (literally) and only rarely says 'Mama'. I worry that I am boring to her.

A lovely thing happened though. Within about ten minutes of arriving at the group, G was pretending to feed two slightly older boys with a plastic spoon that she'd found on the floor. They were totally in the game too, opening their mouths in turn for the imaginary food. Priceless.


Sarah said...

I'd venture to say that it's only because you've provided her with such a strong, unconditional foundation of love and support that's she's able to take you so much for granted; otherwise she'd be clingy and insecure, anxious about whether you'd be there for her and whether her needs would be met. Sure, Dad might be an interesting change of pace, but you are her baseline. :-)

Lucia said...

Thanks Sarah :) xx

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