Sunday, 28 March 2010

Really want to write a post here, but feeling dismayed that I've got nothing to say except more and more about Little G. I love writing about her, and have lots of warm and fuzzy things to put down here, but on the other hand am a bit sick of this blog now being nothing but a (totally fine but too samey for me) Mummy blog. I don't have many other thoughts in my head though. Sad? True. Motherhood is so dominating! I'm not the sort to cover a particular topic with all the well-thought-out pros and cons - I just can't be bothered. And while I have an extremely small but much-loved audience for this blog, mostly I'm friends with those people in other ways too. (*nga I miss you! Where are you these days?!)


Anonymous said...

ohmigod! :) I am right here! Feel so flattered to see me mentioned in this space! I can't find you on facebook....I will try to email you. much, much love!!

- I. :)

Lucia said...

hello! I have tried to find you on Facebook - there are 2 of you! Both of you awaiting my friend confirmation so I don't think it'll let me try to befriend you again! Let me know on here if you can't find my email address. Hope you are OK, lots of love xxx

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