Thursday, 16 June 2011

36(+1) weeks

Doing OK over here, just scared of all the things that can go wrong, having got to this point! Am still pissed off about the hernias but what can I do? The baby's head was 2/5 engaged at my appointment with the obstetric doctor on Monday.

Still sleeping badly but that's not exactly newsworthy. Getting a few naps in thanks to Adriano so I'm surviving. Just hope he is! He's working so hard as usual.

G started preschool this week, 2 mornings a week. Nerve-wracking as she's only ever been left with me or Adriano or my mum. Apart from some tears at the end of the first day, she has had a great time. I'm so relieved, and proud. I'm sure there will be harder days but so far so good. I love hearing about the things she's done. Today's highlights were playing with the fairy wand, dressing up as a fairy, seeing the goldfish, singing and hearing stories. Other comments include 'I didn't like the shouting, there was a boy and girl shouting. The lady read a story about a shark. It was very sharky....and scary.' God I love that girl. What a feeling to collect her at lunchtime and see her little face recognise me and beam at me, shouting 'Hello Mummy!'. I am so lucky.

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