Thursday, 30 June 2011

38(+1) weeks

Well here we are. One bulbous bump, freely commented on by all and sundry, even shouted comments from strangers across the road (honestly).

Baby's head no longer engaged, hey ho.

No twinges.

Really would like the baby to be early but have sneaky suspicion she may even be late. Grr, feeling impatient at times.

Now officially aiming for a VBAC but all around me are guessing that it will end in a c-section again. Hmm, thanks guys. But actually I would not be one bit surprised at that outcome either. Don't care THAT much, just want a safe and healthy baby, with me in reasonable shape. And I used to be such a hippy as well. Best outcome for me would be actually feeling my body pushing the baby out by itself. But I am trying to be zen about whatever happens.

My hospital bag is packed. Little G is primed, and says daily 'is the baby coming out yet?'.

The cot has been built and 2 drawers cleared to make way for very small babygros, vests, bibs, cardigans, and the like.

The baby has hiccups around twice a day so I'm nervous she's going to be very sicky/a reflux baby.

I wish I had the energy to hoover the house, it is filthy. Just need to sit down a lot. Did actually hoover in desperation at the weekend but only managed half a room before I admitted defeat. And we have small rooms.

Sleeping still tricky, unsurprisingly.

None of my clothes fit, even the maternity ones.

Weighed in at 10st 11lb last night.

It's going to be alright, it's going to be alright, it's going to be alright.


Kelly said...

It's going to be fine. I promise.

Piran was a hiccupy baby in my tummy but was fine when out, a brilliant eater with no problems.

Just try & relax and focus on holding baba for the first time. You'll be great!

Plummy Mummy said...

Hope it's going well as this post of yours was a few weeks ago and maybe your now very busy with bubba no2 and that your bubba no1 is acting as little mummy too.
Did make me laugh that your pregnant weight is lower than my current (very non-pregnant) weight. Wish I had read that before scoffing a jacob's biscuit ... will keep it in mind next time I go to the biscuit barrel.

Lucia said...

Thanks Kelly! Love reading your posts...

Plummy Mummy, I'm sure you deserve all the Jacob's biscuits you can eat - it's all relative after all.

Still pregnant at 39 weeks, no signs yet... xx

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