Saturday, 9 July 2011

39(+3) weeks

Still 'baby on board'.

She's been a bit quiet the last couple of days but I think all is OK.

This time:
Nausea took a week longer to really kick in, and left about a week sooner
Was sick about twice a day for 6 to 7 weeks
High risk for Down's Syndrome according to NHS tests
2 hernias
Lots more stretch marks and veins on my bump
More leg cramp at night
Heavily pregnant in Summer although there's been lots of rain so not too much of the 'big and hot' feeling
Maternity leave didn't feel like a big change due to hanging out with a toddler most of the time
Had a pregnancy massage near my due date
Drinking fruit juice like there's no tomorrow

Last time:
Nausea lasted a couple of weeks longer
Was sick about every other day
Stretch marks didn't appear until 39 weeks
Had a linea negra
More hip ache at night
Heavily pregnant in Winter but felt warm almost all the time
Maternity leave felt like a huge rest
Went away for a night in a hotel with Adriano near my due date
Last week or so my bump became so stretched and uncomfortable I would sit on the sofa all evening rubbing cream in constantly and eventually in tears because it felt so horrible
Eating tins of fruit every day
Labour began on my due date
Ended in a c-section after 2 days
Gave me this gorgeous girl

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