Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I was right.

C's spots have now been with us for 5 days.  Poor little thing is covered in them.  Praying, as only an atheist can, that there's little or no scarring on my beautiful girls.  G has a few crater type ones on her face which I hope will get smaller with time...reading on t'internet is not terribly encouraging.  But really G is looking amazingly better this week compared to last.

Both girls hopelessly addicted to the screen as we've been indoors for 2 of the last 3 weeks.  G is only answering to 'Mickey Mouse' for the third day running, and even matter-of-factly said to me 'Thanks, Donald' when passing me her empty glass earlier today.

We have done a zillion other things besides watch TV but there's a LOT of hours to fill in a whole week indoors.  To name but a few things, we baked cheesy muffins and lemon biscuits; we chalked in the garden; we did an awful lot of colouring and making cards for friends; we played imaginary games of many varieties; we painted our toenails (me and G, that is); we danced to music; we played piano; we made paper dolls; we did sticker books; we blew bubbles in the garden...etc, and that was just the first day, haha.

Anyway not to sound ungrateful for my progeny but thank funk we only have two children, so hopefully this is chickenpox over for us in the next couple of days.  Although a friend with a toddler has told me her little boy has had them twice already.

And quite frankly I know another friend, whose little boy is fighting leukemia, who would so wish that his illness was merely chickenpox. 

Our househunting is nearing desperation levels and I simply will not say more!

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