Friday, 28 February 2014

Quick, a post, while it's still February!

I passed my driving test yesterday morning!  First time thank goodness; my heart is still hammering away with nerves.

G is having a wonderful 5th birthday week.  Sunday Adriano's Dad + partner and his sister +partner and their son (got that?!) came round and we all went out to Pizza Express.  Monday my parents and my sister came round and we finished off the cake from the day before.  Tuesday was G's actual birthday so some more presents, a lazy morning, then lunch out and a visit to a local-ish soft play place which was a great success. Today our library singing group all sang Happy Birthday to her again, and on Sunday we're squashing around 14 children and their parents into our very modestly sized house for the final celebrations. She is so proud to be 5, and I am fiercely proud of her too.

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