Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Moving on

I have left my job. It is now my 'old job'. I had a wonderful send-off involving poems, chocolate brownies, arabesques, even a bit of singing. It was emotional and surreal to be coming to the end of an era. I am scared but when am I ever free from fear? I know that moving on is the right thing for me, but I am so grateful for the love and support of the people I worked with. I hope to keep in touch with many of them.

For the past 6 days I have been away on holiday with Adriano. We started out at a festival in Wales, but the weather was so rainy and COLD that we decided to leave and go on a mini roadtrip. Here are the photos.

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petemaskreplica said...

Well honestly, what do you expect from a festival in Wales? It's practically asking to be drenched in rain and mud ;)

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