Friday, 21 September 2007


I'm watching The IT Crowd and trying to keep my eyes open.

I have survived my second full week of teaching.

It involved support from lovely people, tears, huge bars of whole nut chocolate, and stickers. It's amazing what they'll do for a sticker.

Happy weekend!


Cheerful One said...

Oh god, yes: stickers. Even cool pre-pubescent year 6s love stickers. The next level is raffle tickets: give them out for anything (give two, even) and then have a draw at the end of the day for cheap sweets and pound shop pencils. (You can fix it, too, if you really want to: but I didn't tell you that!!)

Thanks for the link(s). I really ought to write something...

nikoline said...

Congratulations on two full weeks into this experience. Well done! Also, I love The IT Crowd. Watched season 2, episode 4 today on the plane home from Philly!

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