Monday, 3 December 2007

8 things about me

I've been tagged!

1. I'm getting married on 8.8.08. You probably already know that but it seemed like a good time to mention it again, what with this list being 8 things long...

2. I want twins. I never want to go through the drama and upset of 'trying to conceive' ever again. Better have two in one go, even though that's not ideal for many reasons. I spoke to the hospital this morning, and they still haven't got their IUI licence sorted. They also said I may need more tests and specialist appointments, as I haven't ovulated for the last 2 months (according to this thing). Need I say I'm feeling frustrated and sad and sick of it all? I can't express how horrible and confused I feel when I think of three of my friends who are all due in the next few weeks. That's not how I want to feel about them at all.

3. My wonderful auntie made me a delicious moist birthday cake. Mmmm, I think I'm going to have another piece as soon as I finish this post. I love cake, and birthdays.

4. I love the smell of ironing.

5. My hair drives me crazy. I'm seriously considering dyeing it pink. I have just got the hang of straighteners but I'd much rather have wild curly hair. Mine's neither straight nor curly nor wavy. It goes in on one side and out on the other. Pffft.

6. I'm currently considering what to do about taking on Adriano's surname when we are married. I love my Irish surname, and my mum likes it better than her maiden name so she was happy to use it and says it now feels like hers. At the very least I will keep it as a middle name. I like Adriano's surname too, so it's not like I have to consider taking on 'Shufflebottom' or some such (apologies to the Shufflebottoms of this world). And I think it would be interesting to have a name change; I'm curious about how it would feel. When I was a kid I tried to change my first name all the time! There were so many other kids with my first name; it used to annoy me. I wanted an unusual name. Anyway I would like Adriano to acknowledge that changing my surname is a major deal in terms of my identity. Then we can talk ;o)

7. I have a fast metabolism. As a result I get away with eating pretty much whatever I like. I'm also hungry about every 2 hours and it's a pain. An expensive pain.

8. I love the series Cold Feet and for my birthday Adriano bought me the entire series on dvd. Woohoo! I'm just off to watch an episode now... (Lesson planning be damned.)


Sarah said...

When I was a kid I used to try to change my name all the time too! I don't know that there were ever any others with my name in my classes (despite my name's popularity), but I always wanted something more glamorous. For the longest time I though that "Sandra" was the most beautiful name I could imagine. :-)

Thanks for humoring the meme and sure, feel free to link to me, just don't use my name. :-)

acumamakiki said...

i used to have a fast metabolism, i could eat like i wanted. i'm still not reconciled that it's not so fast.

nikoline said...

Cold Feet is one of my favorite shows! Living stateside I somehow never got to see the last 1-2 seasons. I can't find them on DVD here either. Will keep looking!

kristen said...

please email me for the password, i can't find your email here.


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