Friday, 28 December 2007

In 2007...

As my lovely friend reminded me, last year I did a round-up of the past 12 months, so in no particular order, here's another list.

In 2007 I continued to participate in couple counselling. I decided many contradicting things, ending up with another promise to give our relationship everything I could find within me before calling it a day. I'm glad I held out.

I had an HSG. I had a fair few blood tests. I received a tentative diagnosis of unexplained infertility. I shed many more tears of frustration, anger, sadness, and jealousy.

I overcame my apathy and left my main job. I took a huge leap of faith into a whole new job which is testing and challenging me in so many ways.

I viewed with wonder the support hypnotherapy gave to someone struggling with depression.

Our goldfish, Wanda and Robokiller, both died.

I had my haircut in a bob at three times last count. Actually it might be four. That's quite a record for me; sometimes I don't have my hair cut all year.

I had my nose pierced for the sixth or seventh time. I took it out for the sixth or seventh time. Yawn. I'm a walking cliche.

I still cycle to work; I still do (almost) daily Salutes to the Sun. I went swimming quite a few weeks in a row! The swimming habit was stopped by a string of colds and coughs etc but I'm getting back on it very soon.

I read the last Harry Potter book on the weekend it came out.

I have played the piano more than I have since university. I played in front of an audience and managed to keep my cool (this is major for me).

I stopped teaching samba (for stupid contractual reasons). I miss it. I hope to find more opportunities for it in 2008.

I bought myself flowers every Monday morning a few weeks in a row.

I also received several surprise bouquets of flowers.

I visited Prague and Brussels and Bournemouth and The Green Man Festival.

I went to 2 weddings. At one of them I met this man and his wife.

I went to a double christening.

My auntie made me a birthday cake.

I had 'Happy Birthday' sung to me by a roomful of people I had met just 5 minutes previously.

I played on a Wii.

I was given an iPod nano for Christmas!

I lost touch with a few friends, and got back in touch with others.

I said 'yes'.

I did almost no gardening at all, and it shows.

I managed not to kill any (more) houseplants though.

I wrote on this blog for another year.

I took many many photos. I was given a scary new camera. I would like to use it more in 2008; I'm still a bit afraid of it.

I bought some ruby red slippers.

I was given a ruby.

I succumbed to Faceb**k.

I cuddled my soon-to-be-nephew at just a few weeks old.

I vow for the rest of this year and for 2008 to do as much yoga as I can; to take responsibility for my own feelings as much as possible; to give myself the sleep and fun and food and friendship that I need; to get a cat; to dance more; to eat well; to create a beautiful and honest wedding with Adriano for a fabulous and brave celebration of our ever-growing relationship. And we'll try (again) to move to Brighton, or at least out of London. And while I'm at it I would also like to have children this year please. Thank you.

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