Wednesday, 3 September 2008

15 weeks down, 25ish to go.

The words of my dad when I told him I was pregnant: "Good grief, how did that happen?"
I told him: in the usual way. Which after 3 years and 2 unsuccessful IUIs seemed like a miracle. It still does. After all those obsessive pregnancy tests which came out negative, the one time I was not expecting a positive was when the two lines appeared. I only did the test because I wanted to be sure my laparoscopy wasn't going to muck up a miracle. I never made it to the laparoscopy.

I felt horribly sick from about 6.5 weeks until very recently. I am still waiting for a whole vomit-free week, but I feel sure it will come soon. Until about 12 weeks, leaving the sofa or the bed was a struggle. I did a lot of inward groaning. I cried a fair bit because I felt so awful I couldn't even enjoy the fact that I was finally pregnant. Ridiculous. I also cried because I was worried I would feel as bad on our wedding day and through our honeymoon. And because I felt so needy and helpless. I shuffled about like an old lady. Having a shower became a remarkable feat. Cleaning my teeth became an exercise in focused relaxation otherwise my new-super-strong gag reflex would end in you-know-what. And it frequently did.

As you can probably tell from the photos, I felt really happy on our wedding day. I did feel rough, but the occasion carried me along and I managed not to be sick. I was afraid that it would happen just as the registrar was saying 'Does anyone know of any reason these two may not lawfully marry?'....and I would run urgently to the fire door. But thankfully nothing of the sort took place. The hardest part was the pub in the evening, by which time I was exhausted, very nauseous, yet hungry, over-excited, and desperate to enjoy the company of friends who had travelled far and wide just to share a drink to celebrate with Adriano and me. At one point I was totally and utterly ready for bed, but some of Adriano's friends had only just arrived. Somehow I made it to the end of the night. And then I couldn't sleep! It took me days to recover.

During our honeymoon it rained a lot, and I became intimate...with toilet bowls in hotels all over England and Wales. Poor Adriano.

More soon. Mind you I said that last time.


S. said...

I love imagining that moment when you looked down to see two lines. It must have been quite a moment. :-)

Hope2morrow said...

I'm glad to know that relaxing or taking a break does, in fact, happen in real life and not just on Sex and the City. I'm happy for you! Many positives surround you right now- Enjoy it!

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