Monday, 8 September 2008


Feeling a bit rubbish today. Had a bad night's sleep with headache. Woke up feeling sick and then finally was sick after breakfast. Now I have tummy ache again. Do not feel up for teaching tomorrow and all this week. Feel like crawling back into bed but must go to 3rd school today and arrange lessons to teach from next week. Am 16 weeks tomorrow, why still feeling so crap? Where is the energy all the books go on about?! Asked my sister when her sickness stopped; she said 25 weeks. *Sob*

Having said all that, in spite of some weird pains (which have gone now, hooray) yesterday, had a lovely day becoming godmother to my friend's little boy J. Had to pretend to be a Catholic - seriously thought about refusing, but too honoured to be asked, and didn't want to take a stand so much that I gave up the 'godmother' bit. I'm a sucker for flattery. Good job I wasn't sick in the font.

Been married 1 month today. Planning 'babymoon' in October half term - trying to decide between Las Vegas and Norway at the moment - feel free to chip in with opinions!

Happy Monday.

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S. said...

I don't want to discourage you or anything, but I have to admit that I hated every day of working during both my pregnancies, regardless of how I was feeling otherwise. I had lots of energy (at certain points anyway) for endless other things, but never for working. :-)

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