Thursday, 4 September 2008

I am still awake 13 hours after getting up. This is unprecedented.

Today I managed to set my alarm at 6am and not to fall back to sleep. For the first time in 2 months. It was a real achievement.
Then I went on 2 buses to a new school, where I will be teaching music on Thursdays and Fridays until my centre of gravity changes and I roll over. Or something.
The school was big and scary. The headteacher there is cross with me for being pregnant. He's a man.
The music room is a cold and unwelcoming hut, separate from the main school building. Broken and dusty instruments are everywhere. Too many tambours, as usual. Not enough xylophone beaters. No seats. Keyboards without leads. Stacks of books from BBC radio programmes in the 1980s.
I had a good look round, then I met the teachers and sat for a short while with each of the 12 (!) classes that I'm to teach in just 2 days per week.
I'm very tired now.
But I haven't got a headache, or a stomach ache, and I still haven't been sick since Saturday. I'm grateful for that.

I wanted to add to my last post (not sure why) that when I felt appallingly sick, I tried ginger, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, Avomine, drinking lots of fluids (found that ridiculously hard - still can't bear the taste of tap water), eating little and often (also v hard to find any food I could bear to put in my mouth). The only thing that helped was the passing of time.

Also, about a week ago I felt the baby move lots for a couple of days. It was AMAZING, and a nice surprise as apparently it was ridiculously early to feel it, especially for a first baby. It was very reassuring. My auntie-who's-a-midwife told me not to worry if it stopped, as the baby may just change position. I haven't felt movement since then, and of course I can't stop worrying now. It was a very bonding experience, and I want to feel it again. Now.

I can still do most of my trousers up, but as the day wears on it gets more uncomfortable. While we were away, Adriano crept out one morning when I felt too horrible to get out of bed, and he bought me some maternity trousers. I'm tempted to live in them as they're the most comfy item of clothing I have ever worn. It was so sweet of him to buy them on his own.

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Cheerful One said...

I am teaching music this year, too. I am currently clinging to the 'Music Express' scheme, which seems pretty good thus far. The kids really seem to like it, which is an added bonus. I'm also teaching French, which may have been a mistake, as I shall have to teach the same lesson six times, which will likely drive me insane. And RE, which will be fine, once we've got over the 'All Muslims hate Sikhs, Miss' element.

Don't let the school bully you into missing any Ante natal appointments. Not that I think you would, but anyway, don't!

Having just spent an afternoon trying to find something suitable to wear to school that fits (argh) I quite fancy a pair of those trousers (am not pregnant, for the record!)

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