Tuesday, 13 January 2009


I'm a complete novice at making banners for this blog, but like to tinker a bit with the blogger template using my extremely limited hit-and-miss ideas.
Don't know why when I did this one it would not let me see the text toolbar on Paint. So stuck with the same font as before.
Oh well. Just felt like a cheerful colour change - I really love yellow flowers. Managed to get some very early daffodils last week and have enjoyed seeing them in our living room.

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Barbara Preuninger said...

Sorry to comment with an unrelated item, but I'm just getting back regarding our "sling" conversation on "Sticks and Stars".

I didn't consider that you were overseas! I looked up estimated shipping to the UK and it would probably be around $20. That seems like quite a lot for such a small item, so probably it's a no go. I'm sorry about that!

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