Monday, 12 January 2009

Update on my obsession

I'm 34 weeks pregnant today. It's getting pretty uncomfortable now. Walking around is slow and I need to sit down a lot. Backache, stomach ache, headache, leg cramps, forgetfulness, tearfulness, fatigue.... I am so grateful not to be at work anymore! I can't remember the last time I slept through the night without going to the loo at least twice, usually 3 or 4 times. Luckily the actual kicks and stretches that the baby is making are not hurting (yet?), they just feel weird. They almost always make me smile. Sometimes she (he?) will land suddenly on my bladder or bowel and it makes me gasp in surprise. Occasionally the rib-kicks tickle and I end up giggling. I am getting to the stage where I am excited about having no bump to lug around (not to mention excited about meeting our baby!). I am running out of clothes that fit but it seems stupid to get more when I only have 6 (or more likely 7 or 8) more weeks to go.

We went to our first NCT class last week, and both Adriano and I enjoyed it. We met 5 other couples and thank god they didn't seem like yummy-mummy-4x4 drivers. It was good to be reminded that billions of women have given birth and our bodies know what to do. My auntie-who's-a-midwife says that one of the most helpful things to do in labour is just to 'say yes to the pain'. I can see the wisdom in that. Whether I can follow it is another matter! I think it largely depends how long the labour is.

On Saturday Adriano and I bought a chest of drawers for the baby's clothes. It was such an exciting thing to do - somehow it made the baby seem more like a real person who is coming to live with us soon... and less like a figment of my imagination and dreams.

I am probably a complete baby-bore these days, because every cell in my body is constantly reminding me that I'm having a baby, and soon.

This week I'm taking my theory test towards my drivers licence. To start with I kept failing my practice tests, but I'm getting better now. If I fail I'll just have to do it all again. But hopefully I'll pass.

Got to go and hang up some more washing. Little tiny vests.............awwwwwwwwwww.

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Sarah said...

Well I for one love to hear about your baby stuff. :-) And I will also be thrilled to hear about all your newborn stuff as well!

Before I forget though, I wanted to make a recommendation for one of the very, very most useful baby items I ever used. I highly recommend the Kangaroo Pouch sling if you are planning to sling your baby (which I also cannot recommend highly enough). I've tried a variety of slings and this one is so vastly superior to them all. I generally don't recommend baby products because I feel like parents can (and should) get along without all that crap, but the Kangaroo Pouch is such a life (and back) saver and such a requirement for surviving the long beginning when your baby will want to be permanently attached to you. Here's a link:

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