Monday, 19 January 2009


Today I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and there are 35 days to go until the due date. And I'm 35 years old (still).

In early Feb, Adriano and I have booked a night in a hotel to celebrate 9 years of knowing each other, 6 months of marriage, and about 3 weeks until the baby makes an appearance.

I like number patterns.

Ooh, forgot to say, I passed my driving theory test, hooray! I now have 2 years to get my practical test passed. Just need more practice...

Here's the latest bump picture. It looks bigger when I stand up.


nikoline said...

good numbers all around! (can't BELIEVE it's just three weeks!!) and congrats on passing the driving test! now - tell me - where do you get your beautiful skin? what's your skin care regime so I can copy it! :) xoxo.

nikoline said...

or is it just amazing pregnancy glow? :)

Lucia said...

You're very sweet - and I could say exactly the same about your beautiful skin! On me it's just the out-of-focus photo hiding the horrible bits, I'm sure. I keep the nastier looking photos to myself ;o)

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