Thursday, 19 February 2009

39+3 weeks

Nothing much to report over here, except that I continue to be tired and uncomfortable, as you might expect at this stage. I was up 4 times in the night again and that seems to be the norm now.

A few niggly period-type pains since last night but they are very mild and certainly not enough to keep Adriano home from work.

I'm enjoying making lots of local friends; it's SO much easier when pregnant!

My nesting seems to have ground to a halt now. I wonder whether it will come back with a vengeance just before labour begins... Meanwhile the hoovering will have to wait.

I'm aiming to take at least one decent walk a day now, as I don't move around that much at home. Yesterday while walking I realised that I can't see my legs anymore! The bump really is huge now. I would say there's no chance I'm having a small baby.

Poor old Adriano has a pretty nasty cold. Hope he can get rid of it before the baby makes an appearance.

The postman just knocked on the door with a huge box of organic baby stuff from a friend of ours. It's getting like Christmas here already - yesterday another friend brought around a pineapple (we wolfed it down last night - delicious), flowers, and a toy for the baby. People are so sweet and generous. It's fun to see friends and family go soppy over what is still just a bump! My sister in law seems very excited.

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