Friday, 20 February 2009

39+4 weeks

I have a sore throat. The cramps have gone. Carpal tunnel syndrome made an appearance this morning. The heartburn is still hanging around. Nothing else with me is new.

Happy Friday!

photo: dessert I shared with my mum last week in a local pub


nikoline said...

hmmm. sounds like baby is on her way! maybe already here now as i write this two days later?

Lucia said...

Nada! Well, not much anyway.....
Hope you had a good time away? x

Maija said...

Hello Lucia, It's been so long since I visited your blog - must have been at least 9 months because you were not pregnant at that time! So happy to hear you'll have a little one soon :o)
All the best,

Sarah said...

Any news??????? It's been a week since your last post!!

nikoline said...

eagerly awaiting news here across the world.... :)

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