Saturday, 14 February 2009

Shiny pretty things

Today I have been showered with gifts. As well as a good dose of Lindt chilli chocolate, and a sweet V-day card, I got one of these as a present from Adriano to say thank you for carrying our baby (and as he said "for what you are about to do" - i.e. squeeze the baby out somehow). I am so touched as I know when A buys stuff like this he does lots of research and puts a lot of thought into it.

It is a fab camera, and I love the funky colour too. It has a one-touch setting for recording videos (with sound this time, unlike my last much-loved camera) so expect some on here, particularly once The Squawker is born.

In the afternoon A's sister and partner P and their little boy T came over and we went round the corner to our local greasy spoon for lunch. Then more gifts! I was given this gorgeous changing bag:

and something I can't find a picture of right now but it's a bright pink snuggly fleece thing for a baby to wear, and has a hole for the car seat belt to go through too. It's really really nice.

I love presents!!!

I've been feeling very uncomfortable today, as though the baby is burrowing her head downwards every time she shifts. Sometimes it makes me gasp. I have my 39-week check at the docs on Monday so we'll see if he reckons the head is further engaged. I truly hope so. Last night I dreamed that I'd had the baby after a pretty OK shortish labour, then woke up and was slightly surprised to still have the unwieldy bump. Then I fell asleep and dreamed it all over again....twice. I'm sure she'll come out when she's good and ready but I'd love it if it was this month at least.

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