Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Four Colly Birds

I've not got my head straight enough to write what I consider to be a 'proper' post. But here I am anyway.

Little G has been pulling herself up to standing with increasing confidence since a couple of days before Christmas. She got farrrrrrrr too many gifts: just a few carefully chosen ones from Adriano and me, and a ton from other people who love her too.

We decided to open our gifts leisurely on Christmas Eve afternoon as our new family of 3, rather than it be a horrible rush on Christmas morning. It was lovely and all done at G's pace and I think we'll do it on 24th next year too. It was our time in a season of lovely but hectic family visits.

On 25th itself we managed to fit in a visit to A's grandparents as well as lunch at his sister's house. They now live in adjoining rooms in a care home, quite a nice one thankfully, and I'm happy to say that G cheered them up no end. She even played footsie with her Great Granddad whose feet were sticking out from under his sheets. I don't think I've seen him smile so widely since I've known him. A's Nan couldn't stop marvelling at G's crawling and how big she was and they seemed fairly delighted with each other. I felt really warm inside that we had brought her to see them on Christmas evening. It felt so right.

Adriano has been off work this week and it's been amazing to share G's needs a bit more than usual. I managed to read a book (great, I recommend it)! And get my hair cut! And have been getting up in the night to her in return for lie-ins each morning! Life is different with a bit more sleep. It's better.

There's plenty more to say but I want to get off here now. Au revoir.

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