Friday, 1 January 2010

So, 2010 is here.

Rushed entry as usual. Argh. Happy New Year.

Little G has been off-colour and off her food (a first for her) the past few days, so I was pleasantly surprised that she managed to stay asleep yesterday evening while Adriano and I ate a long-awaited Thai take-away meal. At 11pm or thereabouts she woke up sobbing miserably so I didn't fight it. Got ready for bed while Adriano comforted her, then I cuddled her to sleep and put her down next to me in our bed. At midnight Adriano came up to say Happy New Year, and both of us were dozy.

Oh got to go she's awake again.

Oh maybe not, maybe settling herself...

So, where was I?

Things I would like to happen this year (notice I'm not staying they're resolutions):

For us all to stay healthy
Make it to the dentist
Get the house deep-cleaned (by someone else)
Move to the perfect house for us, that we can afford without my income, in a lovely area, where both our families can easily visit us, with 3 bedrooms and an easy-to-care-for garden, loads of natural light and storage space
Laugh a lot
Sleep better
Dance more
Eat well
Write a story for G
G to enjoy walking and talking (she's nearly there! so exciting)
Chill out about the permanent mess (something I find near impossible. I struggle with it every day)

Got to go, she really is awake this time.

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