Sunday, 11 July 2010

I am not being paid by these people

My lovely Aussie friend K brought with her some magical ointment when she visited last week. You've probably heard of it and I'm the last to know, but just in case, here it is:

It has cleared up a stubborn sore patch of baby-eczema under G's arm that had been there for months. I was able to cancel our doctor's appointment! I've just ordered 2 more tubes, and reading about it on t'internet, it seems it's good for all kinds of bits on the bod.

In other news, found myself feeling a bit teary about the whole lack-of-pregnancy thing today. Just a little. Having a possibly slightly shorter period than usual so began to clutch at straws rather and think that maybe I am still pregnant, etc etc, but am quite sure that's b0ll0cks really. Never mind. Life goes on and the second G is up from her nap she will demand every ounce of my attention once again so that will be helpful. At the moment much of my day is spent reading 'Little Miss Whoops'...

Yesterday Adriano and I discovered that houses seem bloody cheap in Rochester (Kent) and it's an hour's commute to his current job. Got very excited as I like it there - has cathedral, castle ruins, big river, lots of history especially Dickens-related. Just another one of our momentary 'Let's move to XXX' plans I expect, but still... fun to dream.

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