Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Just me

I listened to the slot about 'mummy bloggers' on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour this morning. It was interesting but afterwards I felt pissed off. I'm quite sure it's my own insecurities talking here, but I felt that amongst all the jolly chat about making money and the 'bad' blogs not being known because they weren't engaging, I thought there was a whole load of people left out: the ones like me.

That is, 'mummy bloggers' who aren't funny, aren't popular, aren't particularly engaging, but still regularly write about the details and highs and lows of ordinary days in an ordinary life. I was a blogger long before I was a mum, and my style was just the same. I would love to be funnier, more popular, wittier on here, but I can't change how I am because I'm just me.

I'm well aware that the radio slot was probably highly edited and I'm not blaming the contributors or the programme, just putting my hand up to be counted as one of the hundreds of other mummy bloggers who just do it.

I'm proud of my blog, with its real emotions, and its photos, and its 7 years of archives, and its tiny handful of readers. I suppose to me a blog post could be the equivalent of finding an old postcard in a second hand bookshop. You read it, and it says nothing enlightening, but still it has the power to touch you because it's real. For a moment you are connected to the person that wrote it, or the person who it was written for, because the postcard has fallen into your hands years later and you are a human being too. I know there's lots of faults with that analogy but I like it anyway.

just an ordinary moment in our day


Sarah said...

Well, fame and fortune aside, I love reading your blog. I love hearing about your life and your family. I love getting to know this person who lives nowhere near me and who I never would have known otherwise. You may not be known by the masses, but you are known by me! I think that's the beauty of little blogs like ours, the person-to-person connection. It's much harder to have that when you're a "famous" blogger I think.

Lucia said...

Thanks Sarah, that's exactly how I feel about you and your family, and your blog too. x

Anonymous said...

love this post. love the image. love the analogy of the old postcard in a vintage shop. and love you!

- i.

Lucia said...

Thanks "I" :) Love you too x

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


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