Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It didn't go to plan.

The vendor withdrew his offer about 48 hours after agreeing it, because he wants (at least?) £5K more. 

I think I heard the sound of both of our hearts sinking.  We were so enjoying having finally reached the next stage. 

Really it is hard, especially on lack of sleep (I have slept through the night twice this year so far) and constant discomfort (tenosynovitis).

Am fed up. 

Telling myself that things could be so much worse, because of course they could, but still am a bit down I must admit.

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Family Affairs said...

Aaaah. Don't be fed up. The right one will come along and you will be so pleased that all the previous ones didn't work patient and enjoy your lovely children and friends for that little bit longer in your current home!! Lx

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