Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Cough. Splutter. Choke. Groan.

The fluey aches didn't last long, thank goodness, but this cough is horrible. Every now and then I feel bad for still being off work, but then I have another fit of panicky, hot-and-cold, retching coughing, and I suddenly don't feel so guilty after all. Lovely!

Just now I made myself a delicious dinner of quorn and mushroom pie with steamed broccoli and carrots. Then I threw it into my lap. I'm not sure how I did it, but it was HOT. And now there's carrot in the carpet.

Recently I've really been enjoying the new series of Brat Camp - Mums and Daughters. It's like a tonic to aggrieved teachers or parents; it's wonderful. I even shed a tear over it this morning.

Being engaged was surprisingly fraught for Adriano and me at first, but now I am starting to enjoy it, and I hope he is too.

We've worked out our guest list already, as we're only inviting 16 people (not including ourselves) to the actual ceremony. There'll be no best men or bridesmaids, so that takes even more of the organisation and stress out of the picture. We know where we want to take our families for (a vegetarian) lunch (and it's walking distance from where we're getting married), and then we plan to go straight to the pub to meet any other relatives and friends who can make it there to wish us well. I feel better about leaving friends out of the ceremony now that we hope to see them later on the same day, rather than our original plan of a post-honeymoon party. Besides, we can also opt to have our ceremony put online for them all to see - an idea that I rather like.

As for the honeymoon, it's looking like we'll take another trip to the USA for a few weeks (or as long as we can get away with), this time to include some places on the West Coast.

The crazy thing is that we're still hoping to move out of London around the same time as our wedding, and last night we had a discussion as to where. We have been saying Brighton for ages, but now we're having to face hard facts: too many people want to live there and neither of us have been able to find employment there so far. The cool thing about that predicament is that we're now opening up our search to include pretty much everywhere in the world! Boston, Sydney and Edinburgh have all been mentioned, as has Canterbury... I thought it best to warn my mum that we just might not be moving to the same county as her after all.

So it could all get a little mad around the time of the wedding. All the more reason to have a simple fuss-free plan for the day itself.

We've been talking about our possible wedding plans for some months now, so it only took Adriano's proposal for us to go ahead with some of what we'd already talked about. I recommend doing it all a bit backwards like that, as we're not now having to have laboured conversations about guest lists and all that crap. When I hear how it is for some couples, I feel more and more happy with our choices. It's a jungle out there, and it's totally f-cked up!!!
For example, whatever I end up wearing, I take delight in planning to spend only about a fifth of what my sister's wedding dress cost (and that was in 1989!). And we're considering having wooden wedding rings, so there.

And the best thing about it all is that I really like my future husband (giggle giggle). He's my best friend. Somehow that makes all this stuff really moving. We've earned this time of happiness; we've worked so hard at being present in our relationship, and facing our fears. Of course that's a lifetime's work, but we're on the track already, and I'm proud of that.

Bridezilla's not here yet, that's for sure.

But I do want flowers in my hair...


Sarah said...

Seattle's nice to visit...or move to...much more moderate climate than Boston. ;-)

Lucia said...

Great idea!!

asfo_del said...

Congratulations on your engagement!

And feel better soon!

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