Thursday, 22 November 2007

me elf, etc

I have been ill with (another) cough and cold and (new!) chest infection for the past week.

I am so sick of feeling under the weather. I feel guilty for not being at work, even though the doctor has signed me off this time. I have antibiotics so I am improving at last. It's been 'orrible.

Adriano has a new motorbike. It is way more comfortable to ride and goes faster than his last one. He's going to take me for a spin on Saturday when my current house arrest is lifted. I'm looking forward to the trip.

My sister is staying over at the moment. She's going through a messy and tortured relationship split, which she is supposed to be instigating anytime now. Not easy.

Speaking of torture, today I diligently practised all the Christmas songs that I'll be playing in my school's concert in a few weeks. Never in my life have I had to play Rudolph the RNR. The indignity of it. I'm more of a 'Truth From Above' girl myself.

Photo: the old bike, god rest its soul.

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petemaskreplica said...

These bugs are nasty... I've been coughing or the best part of a month now :(

You should consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to play Rudolph, though ;)

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