Friday, 9 November 2007

Friday Foughts

I have just had the entire week off work, sick. I was going to go in today, but when I contacted my colleague last night, she said not to bother!! They had already booked a supply teacher, and said I needed to be properly better. I couldn't believe it but I liked it very much. I almost thought 'what's the matter, don't you want me there?'! Ha ha ha, like I missed the place. Ha.
The only problem is that when you dread your job and you are away from it for a while, it's even harder to go back.

So anyway, apart from a very short trip to the pharmacy yesterday to get cough mixture, I hadn't been out of the house since Monday. I went for a wonderful walk in the Autumn sunshine, and felt very grateful not to be at work, and so glad at the sunshine and the lovely park and the river and the fresh air. See photos below.

I have finally made up my mind (I think!) what kind of engagement ring I would like. I'm well aware that there's no need to have one at all, but I must admit I would like one. I've scoured the internet but have not found my chosen design anywhere, and really it's not that outrageous. Tomorrow Adriano and I are going to visit a shop we both like to see if it can be made for us. Part of me thinks it's 'wrong', as I feel guilty for wanting something which costs so much more than I would ever normally feel comfortable with. But then there's another part of me thinking that this is a symbol of such a beautiful thing. People who say 'I'd wear a coke can ring pull if he gave it to me' obviously haven't tried wearing it for long! Actually I guess it's the wedding ring that symbolises the hugest commitment of all, and our engagement isn't for many months, but nonetheless I'll be wearing the engagement ring an awful lot too so I have to really like it.

See that whole paragraph is just the kind of crap that I didn't want to come out with! I don't want to be 'obsessed engaged lady'! But for a while I am, so there. I've been longing to feel this. I'm enjoying it like it's a guilty pleasure.

And it sure is good for distracting me from my usual circular thoughts about infertility.


Cheerful One said...

Isn't it terrible that we feel guilty about revelling in being happy? I think it's brilliant. (Not the guilt, the happiness...)

Seems that I'm off sick with the same thing you've had. Funnily enough when I rang my head last night she also told me not to bother coming in for the rest of the week. I guess they can manage without us after all! How dare they?! ;)

Cheerful One said...

Oh, and thanks for the link!!

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