Sunday, 4 November 2007

Yesterday I went to Canterbury for the day.

I've been rather silent lately, given the recent delightful drama in my life.
But it's not just blogging that has suffered. I've barely taken any photos in the last few months (and when I have they've been crappy), and I've hardly seen any friends.
This ruddy job is sucking me dry.
The mornings are hard work but mostly do-able now.
The afternoons are still s-h-i-t.
I'm permanently tired. I didn't ovulate this month. I'm getting more spots than usual. I'm not eating enough vegetables and I'm eating too much chocolate.
BUT. I love fireworks! And this site! And I'm engaged to Adriano!

Life is full of surprises.

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Cheerful One said...

You are, unfortunately, describing the exact symptoms of being a teacher (erm...except for the getting engaged bit ;) ).

I keep meaning to recommend Bill Rogers books to you. Unfortunately they will not ease the above symptoms, but they might mean you get to spend more time actually teaching.

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