Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!

I was going to write a longish post about my thoughts on Easter, but right now I'm feeling too lazy. I dug out an old post I wrote about it which seems slightly twee now but still expresses roughly how I feel four years on, so here it is if you're interested.


Maija said...

That was a nice post. It expresses much of how I feel about religion. I'm protestant (evangelic lutheran) by birth and don't have much trouble with saying that out loud. But I feel uneasy about the Jesus stuff and the sacraments (although there aren't many left in my religion). I think all religions have the same goal, to ease the pain we feel when we encounter phenomena that cannot be explained, like birth and death. And to reason with definitions of good and bad.

Maija said...

Btw. these days I prefer to look at Tao Te Ching (not sure right now if that's the right spelling) rather than the Bible (ha! majuscule) for spiritual ideas. It's a never ending source of wisdom.

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