Thursday, 29 May 2008

Half Term holiday

In spite of the endless rain, I am having a great week. I can't believe it's Thursday already. A week off work = a good thing.

On Monday I mostly did wedding stuff. Then I went to my friend A's house for a delicious meal of spinach and ricotta cannelloni, and nattered to a background of the film Hairspray.

On Tuesday my nephew turned 18 (Crikey! I used to change his nappies.) I met up with S for lunch at the World Food Cafe in Neal's Yard, and tea in the National Portrait Gallery. Then I walked from Charing Cross to Moorgate, stopping at St Paul's Cathedral for a spot of choral evensong, then met L for a meal and an evening at the Barbican to hear the Roberto Fonseca Trio. It was excellent.

On Wednesday I foolishly bought Tetris for my iPod (I am addicted again), then I took the train to Brighton. I met a couple of florists, and talked about bridal bouquets and suchlike. I bought some ribbon at that wonderful emporium C&H Fabrics. I had a coffee with a pear and chocolate tart at Scoop and Crumb. I visited our post-wedding lunch venue and picked up a menu. I caught a bus to my Auntie G's house and had a cuppa in her lovely little house. I caught the train home, then went to the local pub with Adriano for a glass of rose wine and some spicy Nik Naks.

Today I did lots of washing and washing up and folding and putting away and tidying. Then Adriano and I went for a consultation at the hospital. I was expecting them to just let us go on with another 2 IUIs, but first they want me to have a lap-and-dye. I'm not sure how the dye bit is any different from the HSG which I've already had, but the doc seemed to think it was. If they find any endometriosis which they can treat there and then, they will. The idea is to fit the op in before we get married. Adriano also needs to try to fit in a shoulder op before then too. When will life be simple? (Don't answer that.) I've never had a general anaesthetic before.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with the friends-with-babies.

Saturday we have some friends coming over so we'd better clean the house. We have moths and cobwebs: The Addams Family would be very comfortable here.

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