Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunny Sunday morning bits and bobs

I'm feeling quite a bit better since I wrote that post yesterday. I still feel vulnerable and stomach-churny when I see pregnant women but that has been my normal state for the last decade so at least I'm used to it!

I recently bought Adriano a t-shirt with a rather significant number on it. Judging by his mega-watt smile, I think he liked it.

The other day I read that Ben Folds is on his fourth wife. I felt shocked! He's only 41.

Adriano has been working hard on job applications, some of them in Brighton. We are still focused on moving there this summer, with staying here as a reluctant Plan B.

I'm now off to the river to meet a dear friend who has just got herself a new job. It's great to have something to celebrate. I intend to enjoy myself.

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