Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Plain chocolate coated ginger.

The scent of our yellow roses in the back garden.

Long, light evenings.

A dark brown silky bridesmaid's dress to wear this Saturday at a lovely friend's wedding.

Half term holiday next week.

A longish, vibrant email from my wonderful brother.

Positive, inspiring, action-taking people like this lady.

Half an hour spent on the field with Year 6, where I could see tall trees, cow parsley, and a bird I've never seen before with red and yellow markings.

Cheesey TV show
which moved me greatly when I watched it last night.

Honeymoon in two-and-a-half-months - in Ireland. Please tell me any places we should visit! Nothing is booked yet. I vote we hire a campervan...

A very happy Adriano phoning me twice in half an hour, because he's so pleased with himself for passing an Apple course test with 100%! I'm very proud of him, he worked hard for that result. He's only the 2nd person who's taken that course to gain full marks.

Morning bike rides to work.

The arrow of time. Scroll down to see the pics (better than watching the video link). It nearly made me cry for some reason.


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Limon de Campo said...

That dress is gorgeous. Wow!

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